Born in 1983, Jennifer Santschy is a swiss illustrator, graphic designer and photographer, living and working in Lausanne, Switzerland.
She studied visual communication and photography at ECAL - University of art and design in Lausanne. Since then, she
acquired experience in art direction, web projects, communication and brand management at My Playground Agency.

Passionate about fashion, illustration and arts, she built her personal work and collaborated with companies, magazines, labels and cultural institutions.
She teaches illustration and photography at Eracom in Lausanne since 2012 and carries on with her commissioned and personal works.

Feel free to get in touch for commissions, collaborations or just to say hi.

+41 78 944 47 02


2017 La Poste des VIP, Journal La Poste
2016 Cadanse, programme Béjart Ballet Lausanne
2016 Voyage en Arctic, Friday Magazine
2016 Les voyages extraordinaires de Jules Verne, Hors-série Luxe Le Temps
2016 50 years of the 825, Caran d’Ache Website
2016 Tête-à-tête avec Alexandre Lanz, Bolero Magazine
2016 La Poste des VIP, Journal La Poste
2015 A day in Venise, Novembre Magazine’s blog
2015 Zoo fantastique, Hors-série Luxe Le Temps
2015 Heavenly - Fairmont Montreux Palace Magazine
2015 La Poste des VIP, Journal La Poste
2014 Idées cadeaux de la rédaction, Edelweiss Magazine
2014 Horoscope de l’été, Edelweiss Magazine
2013 Cas d’école, Edelweiss Magazine
2009 Martin M, mon chevalier d’or, Please! Magazine
2009 Sang Bleu III/IV Magazine
2009 Saison de spectacles - programme, Renens
2008 Blue Blood, Sang Bleu II Magazine
2008 Die Weltwoche
2007 Portfolio, IDPure Magazine
2007 ECAL, a success story in art & design
2007 Swiss Federal Design Prize

2017 Séries estivales, Kissthedesign - Lausanne
2013 Medusas, La Placette - Lausanne
2009 Charlotte & Anna, Standard Café - Lausanne
2008 Teen City, Musée de l’Elysée - Lausanne
2007 Push up, Standard Deluxe - Lausanne
2007 Swiss Federal Design Prize, Mudac - Lausanne
2006 ECAL Diplomas, ELAC - Lausanne

2016 Brochure Eracom, Eracom - Lausanne
2016 DIG!, Eracom - Lausanne
2015 Hypermental, Eracom - Lausanne
2014 Illustres allégories, Eracom - Lausanne
2014 David Bowie is, Eracom - Lausanne

2012-Present Illustration, Photography & Fashion Illustration, Eracom - Lausanne

2011-2012 My Playground Agency - Lausanne

2007 Swiss Federal Design Prize

2006-2008 Postgrade HES, ECAL - Lausanne
2002-2006 Bachelor HES, ECAL - Lausanne